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Lisa J Jackson is a successful full-time freelance writer and editor. And by "successful," Lisa means that she's been a solopreneur since 2006 and has not had the 'luxury' of someone else paying her bills while she writes. She lives frugally and loves creating her own life day-to-day.

She worked full-time in the corporate world for over 20 years and went to night school full-time for her AS, BS, MBA, and an MA in writing for half that time. As a freelancer, she's had numerous pieces published in local newspapers and has had several articles published in a regional magazine that focuses on New Hampshire destinations.

Lisa is a co-founder and regular contributor to a blog for writers ( and is a Great Leads editor for a NH-based writing organization ( where she submits non-fiction-related job leads for members. Lisa's client list is growing and her paid writing gigs include ghost blogging for businesses, writing white papers, business success stories, warm e-mails, website content, and all types of marketing collateral.

You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn as LisaJJackson, and Facebook (

As a fiction writer, Lisa has had several short stories published under her pseudonym Lisa Haselton, which may sound familiar -- she's on the staff of The Writer's Chatroom and moderates some 'celebrity' Sunday chats. She also has a blog for author interviews and book reviews,

Non-writing interests include walking, finding the perfect cup of iced coffee, bicycling, taking adventure vacations, black and white photography and sketching.

Her 2013 goals include finishing a few 5Ks and her 3rd sprint triathlon, vacationing at a castle in Ireland, seeing several short stories published, expanding her non-fiction writing markets, finishing a novel or two, and learning to bake more than the perfect apple pie and a decent grilled cheese sandwich.


Mark Statman’s most recent books are Black Tulips: The Selected Poems of José María Hinojosa (University of New Orleans Press, 2012), the first English language translation of the significant poet of Spain’s Generation of 1927; the poetry collection, Tourist at a Miracle (Hanging Loose, 2010); and a translation, with Pablo Medina, of Federico García Lorca's Poet in New York (Grove 2008). His poetry collection, A Map of the Winds, will appear with Lavender Ink in the fall of 2013.

Author of Listener in the Snow (Teachers & Writers, 2000), and, with Christian McEwen, co-editor of The Alphabet of the Trees: A Guide to Nature Writing (Teachers & Writers, 2000) his poetry, essays and translations have appeared in nine other anthologies, as well as such publications as Tin House, Hanging Loose, Performing Arts Journal, The Cincinnati Review, South Bank Poetry (England) Ezra: A Journal of Translation, The Hat, Bayou, Boog, Occasional Religion, Washington Square, conduitSubtopics, The Florida Review, Ping Pong, and American Poetry Review.

He has been featured on Poetry Daily, The Bob Edwards Show, The Leonard Lopate Show, The Moe Greene Poetry Discussion, The Nevada Girls Literary Hour, and PBS New York Voices. A recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Writers Project, he is currently at work on translating the poems of Mario Benedetti. Statman is an Associate Professor of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College, The New School for the Liberal Arts.


Patricia Kay is the USA Today bestselling author of 50 novels of romance and women's fiction. She sold her first novel to Silhouette in 1990. Since then, millions of copies of her novels, in both print and digital format, have been published in eighteen different countries.

An acclaimed teacher, she formerly taught at The University of Houston, and has given writing workshops all over the country.  She says there’s nothing more satisfying to her than seeing that light bulb go off in a student’s head. 

Born and raised along with three younger sisters in northeast Ohio, Pat has since lived in upstate New York, Northern Alabama, California, Sweden, and for most of the past 40 years, in Houston. She and her husband have three grown children and three brilliant and amazing grandchildren.




Since 1970, John Yamrus has published 21 books (19 volumes of poetry and 2 novels.) He has also had more than 1,400 poems published in countless print magazines around the world. His poems have been taught at both the high school and the college level and selections of his work have been translated into several languages, including Spanish, Swedish, Italian, French, Japanese and Romanian. 

His latest volume of poetry (THEY NEVER TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN) is currently in its third printing. BARK, a book of poetry is due to release in January 2013.                        

Renee Mallett is an author of poetry and short fiction. She is a book critic for the NY Times Website, Fantastica Daily,, and Kira's Eye (Canada).  She's also the arts feature editor for Skratch music magazine and The Slantas.

Renee has published articles on topics ranging from travel essays and celebrity interviews, to fashion reporting. She has appeared on several radio shows,'s Streets of Fear series, been interviewed for numerous magazine and newspaper articles, and given presentations at the New York State Library.

As a freelance writer, Renee has done everything from spend the night at the scene of the infamous Lizzie Borden murders to interviewing some of the cast of the Harry Potter movies.

Her books include: Manchester Ghosts; Ghosts of Portsmouth NH; Ghosts of NY's Capital District; Fairies, Mermaids, and Other Mystical Creatures; and Strange NH.

Renee is also the owner and art director of Nolia Gallery, a fine art gallery located in Amherst, NH. She travels extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad.

She currently lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband and three children.


Widdershins says: A very long time ago when I was in high school I had to submit an essay on the Theory of Phlogiston.

The day my teacher decided to illuminate our young minds on that particular subject, I’d probably skipped school, because my eyes glazed over and my brain went “Oops” as I stared at the blank piece of paper in front of me.

I had a life-changing decision before me. I could either sit for hours in a very uncomfortable hardwood chair and do nothing, or I could emulate the writers I’d recently discovered in the very limited Science Fiction section of the school library. If Bradbury and LeGuin could do it, so could I.

I wrote my first Science Fiction story.

I handed in my essay and caught a glimpse of my teacher's face. She turned rather pale. I exited the room before her ability to speak returned. Once out in the hall, I heard a bark of what I hoped was laughter, but feared it to be an incipient heart attack.

I received my essay back the next day. Across the top I read, 'Don’t ever do this again.' Across the middle, 'Well done.' And in the bottom left-hand corner, scrawled in big red letters, the letter 'A'!

That was the moment my career as a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy began.

I was born in England, grew up in Australia, moved to Canada in 2004 and married the love of my life. I’m a writer and shaman, a bicyclist and a feminist. I’ve been an architect, a seamstress, an athlete and a field hand.

Writing is my passion and my profession, novels specifically, short stories occasionally, and always with lesbian characters. I write under the pseudonym 'Widdershins' because I am, if nothing else, contrariwise. Also, it’s kinda witchy, whimsical, genre-appropriate, and will allow me to write in other genres with other names.

Book 1 of the ‘Gallery’ series, ‘Mortal Instinct’ was published in September 2011. Book 2, ‘Journey of Echos’ is under construction. (correct spelling – it will make sense if you’ve read Book 1). I also have a short story collection in the works, along with a historical mystery series, and a semi-autobiographical account of my Shaman Journey and Teachings. I’ve recently launched an episodic story, ‘Identical’ that is published once a month on my blog, Widdershins Worlds. 

Mortal Instinct is the first Book of the 'Gallery' series; Set in a slightly alternate reality where the boundaries between the worlds runs thin, and our choices, even the ones we’re unaware we’ve made, determine our fate.

It's now available from my publisher, Eternal Press as an eBook ...... in print and eBook at ... and available to order from your favourite local bookstore.


Questions? Comments? Contact audrey at