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Our mission is to present fun and educational chats for writers as well as readers. Check out the schedule and look for your favorite writers.

Celebrity Sunday guest chats start at  7 pm EST.

Wednesday open chats start at 8 pm EST.

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Date - Moderator

October 19, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

John Everson is a staunch advocate for the culinary joys of the jalapeno and an unabashed fan of 1970s European horror cinema.  He is also the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of eight novels, including the erotic horror tour de force of NightWhere (a Bram Stoker Award Finalist in 2013) and the occult / urban legend mystery of The Pumpkin Man. Other novels include Covenant, Sacrifice, The 13th and the spider-driven Violet Eyes.

His latest, The Family Tree, is an erotic horror exploration of a “fountain of youth,” that has just been released by Samhain Publishing. His tales have been translated into Polish, French and German and optioned for potential film development.  

John has also worked in various licensed/shared world anthologies, from Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars to The Vampire Diaries to Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Green Hornet.  His short stories have been gathered in a handful of collections, including the Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions and Needles & Sins. A 10th anniversary edition of his second collection, Vigilantes of Love, was reissued in 2013.

Learn more about John on his site, , where you can sign up for his monthly e-newsletter with information on new books, contests and occasionally, free fiction. You can also follow John on Twitter @johneverson, or find him on Facebook at .




October 26, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

Adam Cesare is a New Yorker who lives in Philadelphia. He studied English and film at Boston University.

His work has been featured in numerous publications, including Shroud Magazine. His nonfiction has appeared in Paracinema, Fangoria, The LA Review of Books and other venues.

His novels and novellas are published with Samhain Publishing, Broken River Books, Deadite Press, and Sinister Grin Press.



November 2, 2014 - Lisa Haselton

Barb Drozdowich


November 9, 2014 -


November 16, 2014 - Lisa Haselton

Liz Crowe


November 23, 2014 -


November 30, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

Critique Chat!

Wouldn't it be great to get a critique from a bunch of other writers? This is your chance!

We'll be doing critiques right in the chatroom for this chat. Details on how to get in on the action will be emailed to all subscribers the Friday before the chat. Make sure you're signed up for the mailing list, and get your short (300 word max) submission polished up! (Sign up for our mailing list here. ) DON'T submit until you get the email!

I strongly suggest you submit polished work. Most of our chatters are aiming for publication. To get there, you have to be able to handle honest critiques. I will not allow personal attacks, but problems in the writing will be openly discussed.

If you are not in attendance, your submission will be skipped. It's a waste of everyone's time to critique something if the author isn't there to hear it.


Fiction, nonfic, essay, query doesn't matter. I recommend trying to get an entire scene into 300 words. Full scenes get better crits.
Why only 300 words? More than that will scroll off the screen too quickly. People need to be able to read it, to give a good crit.

Get ready, get set...


December 7, 2014 - Lisa Haselton

Greta Beigel


December 14, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

Organizing and Goal Setting

Yes, it's that time again...time for the TWC Annual Organizing and Goal Setting chat. Join us for a two-hour workshop to get you set up and ready to make 2011 your best writing year ever!

We'll be using organizing tips and tricks bequeathed to us by the late Faye Stone, a greatly missed Chatroom regular.

Working without goals is like going on a trip without a map. Join us in the chatroom to chart your course to success!


December 21, 2014 -


December 28, 2014 - Glenn Walker

C. Hope Clark is founder of, a well-known writer's reference for grants, contests, markets, publishers and agents for the serious writer. The website and newsletters have existed for fourteen years, and been recognized by Writer's Digest Magazine in its 101 Best Websites for Writers for thirteen of those years. 42,000 writers receive her newsletters each week.

She's published in Writer's Digest, Writer's Market, Guide to Literary Agents (by Writer's Digest), The Writer Magazine, as well as multiple trades, glossy mags and numerous Chicken Soup books. She's interviewed often by both writing and business websites and speaks to writing conferences throughout the United States. Her book The Shy Writer: An Introvert's Guide to Writing Success, continues to sell steadily.

She is also author of The Carolina Slade Mystery Series. Lowcountry Bribe is the first in the series published by Bell Bridge Books. The mysteries describe federally employed Carolina Slade's sleuthing abilities throughout rural, rarely seen South
Carolina settings, facing crimes not found in your typical mystery. The second and third books in the series, Tidewater Murder and Palmetto Poison, are now available. This year, she started a new series set on Edisto Beach.

Read more about Hope at .