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Our mission is to present fun and educational chats for writers as well as readers. Check out the schedule and look for your favorite writers.

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Date - Moderator

December 7, 2014 - Lisa Haselton

Greta Beigel, concert pianist-turned-journalist, was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in South Africa during apartheid. She earned a Performer's Licentiate in Music from the University of South Africa, and won a scholarship to study with famed pedagogue Aube Tzerko in Los Angeles. Her award-winning, scholarship piano recital program is featured as an Amazon MP3. In California, Greta reunited with her long-lost Yiddishe father, and went on to become an arts journalist, working on staff as writer and editor for many years at the Los Angeles Times.  

She is the author of three Jewish-themed books: The humorous/satirical “Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat” (also in audio); the short story, “A Jew from Riga,” about her efforts to learn more about her Dad’s mysterious past, and “Kvetch: One Bitch of a Life,” a memoir (paperback and e-book) about growing up an Orthodox Jew and a gifted pianist in South Africa during the apartheid era. Beigel now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. 


December 14, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

Organizing and Goal Setting

Yes, it's that time again...time for the TWC Annual Organizing and Goal Setting chat. Join us for a two-hour workshop to get you set up and ready to make 2015 your best writing year ever!

We'll be using organizing tips and tricks bequeathed to us by the late Faye Stone, a greatly missed Chatroom regular.

Working without goals is like going on a trip without a map. Join us in the chatroom to chart your course to success!


December 21, 2014 - Audrey Shaffer

The Writer's Chatroom Holiday Party

We will have every kind of virtual food and drink you can imagine. With no calories!

We have a varied group of chatters, which means we get to celebrate all holidays. Join us in the chatroom to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, The Winter Solstice and the New Year. Whatever your holiday, come to chat and celebrate!

Happy Holidays!


December 28, 2014 - Glenn Walker

C. Hope Clark is founder of, a well-known writer's reference for grants, contests, markets, publishers and agents for the serious writer. The website and newsletters have existed for fourteen years, and been recognized by Writer's Digest Magazine in its 101 Best Websites for Writers for thirteen of those years. 42,000 writers receive her newsletters each week.

She's published in Writer's Digest, Writer's Market, Guide to Literary Agents (by Writer's Digest), The Writer Magazine, as well as multiple trades, glossy mags and numerous Chicken Soup books. She's interviewed often by both writing and business websites and speaks to writing conferences throughout the United States. Her book The Shy Writer: An Introvert's Guide to Writing Success, continues to sell steadily.

She is also author of The Carolina Slade Mystery Series. Lowcountry Bribe is the first in the series published by Bell Bridge Books. The mysteries describe federally employed Carolina Slade's sleuthing abilities throughout rural, rarely seen South Carolina settings, facing crimes not found in your typical mystery. The second and third books in the series, Tidewater Murder and Palmetto Poison, are now available. This year, she started a new series set on Edisto Beach.

Read more about Hope at .