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Our mission is to present fun and educational chats for writers as well as readers. Check out the schedule and look for your favorite writers.

Sunday guest/topic chats start at  7 pm EST.

Wednesday open chats start at 8 pm EST.

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Date - Moderator

May 22, 2016 - Lisa Haselton

Vanessa Ryan is an actress in Southern California. She was born in California and graduated from UCLA. When not writing or acting, she enjoys painting and nature walks. Her paintings and sculptures are collected worldwide. At one point, she performed stand-up comedy, so her writing often reflects her love of humor, even for serious subjects. She lives with her cat Dezi, and among feral cats she has rescued.

She is the author of A BLUE MOON, an urban fantasy, HORROR AT THE LAKE, a vampire trilogy and A PALETTE FOR MURDER, a traditional cozy mystery.  

Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale (mystery trilogy), Permuted Press 2015

A Palette For Murder, A Lana Davis Mystery, Five Star Publishing, a part of Gale/Cengage Learning 2015


May 29, 2016 - Audrey Shaffer

Critique Chat!

Wouldn't it be great to get a critique from a bunch of other writers? This is your chance!

We'll be doing critiques right in the chatroom for this chat. Details on how to get in on the action will be emailed to all subscribers the Friday before the chat. Make sure you're signed up for the mailing list, and get your short (300 word max) submission polished up! (Sign up for our mailing list here. ) DON'T submit until you get the email!

I strongly suggest you submit polished work. Most of our chatters are aiming for publication. To get there, you have to be able to handle honest critiques. I will not allow personal attacks, but problems in the writing will be openly discussed.

If you are not in attendance, your submission will be skipped. It's a waste of everyone's time to critique something if the author isn't there to hear it.


Fiction, nonfic, essay, query doesn't matter. I recommend trying to get an entire scene into 300 words. Full scenes get better crits.
Why only 300 words? More than that will scroll off the screen too quickly. People need to be able to read it, to give a good crit.

Get ready, get set...


June 5, 2016 - Lisa Haselton

Julianne Holmes writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series for Berkley Prime Crime. What a thrill–a dream come true. Just Killing Time came out in October 2015 and was an Agatha Best FirstNovel nominee. The second book in the series, Clock and Dagger will be released in summer 2016, and Julie is working on book 3 now. She hopes readers enjoy meeting Ruth Clagan and following her adventures as much as she likes writing them.

When she had to chose a name to write the Clock Shop Mystery series under, it was a simple choice. She was the first grandchild on her mother’s side of the family. When her parents told her grandmother that they were thinking about naming her Julianne Holmes Hennrikus, her grandmother (a wonderful but formidable woman) told them the name was too long. She became Julie Anne instead. So Julianne Holmes is close to her heart, pays homage to her wonderful parents, and can be shortened to Julie easily.


As J.A. Hennrikus, her short story, “Tag, You’re Dead” was published in Level Best Book’s anthology Thin Ice. “Her Wish” is in Dead Calm. And “The Pendulum Swings, Until It Doesn’t” was published in Blood Moon. She is one of many authors who had their publishing debut via Level Best Books, and is forever grateful to the editors.


As Julie Hennrikus, she is the Executive Director of StageSource, a service organization for theater artists and companies in the greater Boston area. For her, theater is both her vocation and her avocation. She also teaches arts management classes at Emerson College.


She blogs with the wonderful Wicked Cozy Authors blog. These women are her friends, her blog mates, and her cheering squad. Stop by and visit them!

She tweets under @JulieHennrikus, and is on Pinterest and Instagram, and has a page on Facebook. She also blogs on Live to Write/Write to Live.


June 12, 2016 -

Topic Chat!


June 19, 2016 -   Glenn Walker

C. Hope Clark is founder of, a well-known writer's reference for grants, contests, markets, publishers and agents for the serious writer. The website and newsletters have existed for fourteen years, and been recognized by Writer's Digest Magazine in its 101 Best Websites for Writers for thirteen of those years. 42,000 writers receive her newsletters each week.

She's published in Writer's Digest, Writer's Market, Guide to Literary Agents (by Writer's Digest), The Writer Magazine, as well as multiple trades, glossy mags and numerous Chicken Soup books. She's interviewed often by both writing and business websites and speaks to writing conferences throughout the United States. Her book The Shy Writer: An Introvert's Guide to Writing Success, continues to sell steadily.

She is also author of The Carolina Slade Mystery Series. Lowcountry Bribe is the first in the series published by Bell Bridge Books. The mysteries describe federally employed Carolina Slade's sleuthing abilities throughout rural, rarely seen South Carolina settings, facing crimes not found in your typical mystery. The second and third books in the series, Tidewater Murder and Palmetto Poison, are now available.

This year, she started a new series set on Edisto Beach. The first book is Murder On Edisto.

Read more about Hope at .    


June 26, 2016 -

Topic Chat!