Help Keep our Chatroom Free

banging head on yellow signDid you know the cost of keeping our chatroom going works out to $360 USD for the year? This doesn’t include website hosting.

This cost averages out to $30. each month. Our biggest costs are for our Newsletter and Chatroom Application Subscriptions.

Help Keep our Chatroom Free

Writing the content and keeping the framework of the chatroom is voluntary. We do not pay for coding and upkeep of the site.

Our guests are also voluntary. There are no exchanges of money going on between us and our guests.

I picked up the yearly Newsletter Fee in October and moved the website to my host and covered the cost of moving. The next bill coming in will be the Chatroom Software at Just under $180 and I absorb that cost using my savings account.

Help Keep our Chatroom Free

There is a donation button on our website and I want you to know your support is very much appreciated.

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