April – Children/Young Adult Month

April  is Children/Young Adult Month at The Writers Chat Room.

If you write in a youth centered category or are thinking about breaking into this market The Writers Chat Room is touching on the topic throughout the month of April.

On April 4th and 8th we are going to kick off the topic with Understanding Children’s Book Categories from Picture Books to YA.


  • Board books & concept books—birth to 4
  • Picture books—3 to 8
  • Picture story books—5 to 8
  • Early readers—5 to 7
  • Chapter books—6 to 7 & 8 to 10
  • Middle grade novels—8 to 12
  • Tween novels—10 to 14
  • Younger YA novels—13 to 16 and up
  • Older YA novels—15 to 18 and up
  • New adult—17 to mid-20s


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