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We are experiencing a problem with login at the chat room.
I have named the phenomenon “Ghosting.”
The Chat Room appears as it always has but for some guests the room is a ghost – meaning you can see people but you are really in a look-alike room. Those in the real room cannot see you. Yes, it hurts my head just trying to explain it. 🙂
Support Tickets and emails have been submitted a number of times in an attempt to resolve this issue.
If you think you might be inside a Ghost Room, please log out completely, then close and re-open your browser.
I will acknowledge you to help you verify you are inside the correct room.
I am sorry for this inconvenience and I am attempting to resolve.
If You are using Discord it means things have really failed.. the best Help Link for Discord..
and if you are using our Second Chat Room I have not found a preferred help page at this time.