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As I am composing this post, Authors has 45,640 Members. Join a few groups. Even if you don’t indulge in Full on Shameless Self Promotion, you can help other group members from time to time by commenting in the feed.

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What happens when you sit down at your word processor and find yourself deleting whole paragraphs nursing frustration because not a single idea is arriving fully formed, today?

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Book Cover Wrap Up

Wrapping Up Book Cover Month   Book Cover Maker: Which DIY App Is Best for You?This is default placeholder text. Edit and replace with whatever you want.   If you’re on the hunt for book cover makers, you’re probably looking to DIY the cover for your book. But before we get into our recommendations, we’ll […]

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Effective Book Covers

Remember back in the days of Dogpile and Netscape? Back when we used WordPerfect and FrontPage? The era when we thought Frames were cutting edge and having a web page open and automatically blare music at our visitors?

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What Makes a Good Book Cover

June is Book Cover Month at The Writer’s Chatroom. On Wednesday we talked about A Clockwork Orange. The conversation centered around a post entitled The best book covers of all time: 50 coolest book covers on a Website called ShortList. Sunday we are having a look at What Makes a Good Book Cover.