Adding Great Pictures To Every Post

On Sunday we are going to talk about images.  Many of us know they can slow a site down or make a post more interesting.  We will be looking at a guide to 15 blog image best practices including image sizes and shapes, copyrights and attribution, stock photos and free images.  A blog post without an [...]

Placing Ads

Clicks, Impressions, Sponsored Products, Bids and Lockscreen Ads Some of us have tried ads and at least one of us has overbid and generally had to explain myself to customer service. The whole idea of advertising is intimidating. I think we all have some marketing experience through social media but advertising is a risky thing. [...]

Formatting a Dreadful Thing

If you self publish the formatting falls on you. Guidelines are available but you have to change your manuscript. Strip out headers and footers and page numbers. You have to reset line spacing, Chapter Headings and indentation. You have to make certain of your page breaks. And still, your finished project may end up in the readers' hands with totally distracting artifacts.