Let’s Talk about the Limiting Nature of Time in Writing

The Nature of Writing Time

The rope tightened around the beam. Brady turned his cap backward and hit the accelerator. As the shed fell a ghost of dust and roof debris lingered in the air for just long enough to register to an observer’s eye.

A phone rang inside Mrs. Landrey’s house. She rocked forward in her chair and when the effort seemed ridiculous, she settled back and let it ring.

Joline adjusted her backpack. In a single smooth and thoughtless moment she raised the kickstand and pedaled onto the road. A half a tick later the sky seemed to trade places with her feet. She didn’t hear it happening.

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When You Really Need to Tell

As writers, we hear the advice to show, don’t tell. We can almost use it as a mantra. I suspect it is a bit of wisdom used by writers, editors and publishers as an item to tick off of their master lists.

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Writing Your Author Bio

Ask around, it seems most of us are aware of our bios being out of date. But talking about ourselves is not something we do so well. There are also a lot of rules, guidelines and suggestions covering everything from word count to first or third person. 

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Reviews – Review Mining

This Sunday we are going to talk about reviews.  Where do we find them? Beg, Borrow or Buy them?  While researching this topic I ran into two articles about paid reviews. Attitudes and feelings about paying for a review are extreme. Some are acceptable and some are highly frowned upon. Book Reviews: Should You Pay…

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Placing Ads

Clicks, Impressions, Sponsored Products, Bids and Lockscreen Ads Some of us have tried ads and at least one of us has overbid and generally had to explain myself to customer service. The whole idea of advertising is intimidating. I think we all have some marketing experience through social media but advertising is a risky thing….

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Don’t Touch Anything Sharp

Let’s talk touch.

If you sweep your hand across spring green grass as you smooth out the picnic blanket you know in August the same grass will be stiff, dry and a bit crunch under your legs as you settle in.

Don’t touch anything sharp.

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You Might Be a Writer..

We have all heard the words of Jeff Foxworthy made famous. “You might be a redneck.. Jeff Foxworthy Let’s have a look at 20 Easy-to-Spot Signs that You Might be a Writer. This one really applies to me. 6. YOU HAVE A STACK OF UNUSED NOTEBOOKS AND YET, YOU CONTINUE TO BUY MORE Just a…

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Some books, Wuthering Heights, for example have a dark mood set on the first page. In The Accidental Tourest, the sadness, loss and dysfunction are obvious in the first scene. Mood, is it a single thing or is it a word stew of various aspects of story? Setting may be a quick way to establish…

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