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April is Children and Young Adult Month

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Children and Young Adult Writing Month at The Writer’s Chatroom

It is officially springtime up in the Northern half of the Globe.

We are going to explore topics about writing for Children or Young Adults. I remember being a Young Adult, I have certain bizarre memories of spending time as a Child.

Let’s talk about various aspects of both genres, one at a time or together, we will see what happens as we go along.

Chat begins at the top of the hour on Sundays at 7PM EST and Wednesdays at 8PM EDT

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The Writer’s Chat Room has been around at least since the days of NetScape, WordPerfect and FrontPage. We have changed our look, our leadership and or regulars. We continue to evolve but one thing remains the same. We are friendly, supportive people with all levels of experience in writing. We meet twice a week, year-round.

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