Robert Wilkins, CEO

Robert Wilkins, CEO

Gator House Publishing

Gator House Publishing is a new independent publishing company located in Charleston, South Carolina. We are comprised of two divisions, Gator House and Gator Tales. Gator House is geared towards adult fiction while Gator Tales handles YA.

Gator House is on schedule to release 13 books this year. The Publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts, but they must meet our submission guidelines. If you have any questions please contact then on their website.

Here at Gator House Publishing we have three imprints. Gator House, for adult novels, genres range from Thrillers/Mysteries to Alternate-History. Gator Bites, for young readers’ picture books. Finally, there is Gator Tales, for young adults, genres from coming to age tales to fantasy.


A well written, well edited book, one that followed our submission guidelines on our website is ideal. I don’t expect that every manuscript we receive will be flawless, but if the author does their best to polish their work before submission, it will have a better chance at publication. Readers love series. The story should be able to sustain itself over a number of books. The series should grow organically. But some of the greatest stories ever written were stand-alone books. Both series and stand-alone books would be welcome additions to Gator House Publishing.