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Welcome to the Writers Chat Room Where Writers Gather.

At The Writer’s Chat Room, Our Mission is to Provide Conversation, Inspiration and Support for Writers of all Genres and Experience Levels.

Where Writers Gather.

The Writers Chat Room Sunday at 7PM ET and Wednesday at 8PM ET barring Major Holidays.  

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We have a variety of chat formats listed below including Celebrity Sundays when we spend a few hours with published writers, editors, publishers and occasionally agents. Please Visit our Calendar Page for information about upcoming chats and visit our Previous Guests Page.

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Your Cover Letter

Your Cover Letter If your targeted publisher accepts complete manuscripts without…

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Clicks, Impressions, Sponsored Products, Bids and Lockscreen Ads Some of us…
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We have been featured Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers. Thank you for your kind nominations. We have made it onto the list steadily for at least the last decade. The 101 Best list is what brought me into the chat room so long ago.

Where Writers Gather.

The Writers Chat Room invites you to have a look at our Blog, our Previous Guests Page and Upcoming Events Calendar.

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Online Writers Chat Room where Writers Gather.

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If you cannot make it to our scheduled chats,  we have a Forum and a Newsletter.