Ghost Room-ing

We are experiencing a problem with login at the chat room.
I have named the phenomenon “Ghosting.”
The Chat Room appears as it always has but for some guests the room is a ghost – meaning you can see people but you are really in a look-alike room. Those in the real room cannot see you. Yes, it hurts my head just trying to explain it. 🙂
Support Tickets and emails have been submitted a number of times in an attempt to resolve this issue.
If you think you might be inside a Ghost Room, please log out completely, then close and re-open your browser.
I will acknowledge you to help you verify you are inside the correct room.
I am sorry for this inconvenience and I am attempting to resolve.
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A Writerly Survey

Last Fall I created a Survey.

The problem was that it came really close behind two previous surveys and many participants thought they had already responded and didn’t click on the link.

I am embedding it here for your convenience. Survey Monkey will tell you at the top of the landing page if you previously responded. If this happens, Thank You for helping the chat room help you way back then.

This survey is also available in your Newsletter.

Please use the scrollbar within the text window below to see the questions contained in the Survey or use This Link to go directly to the Survey Monkey Site.


Create your own user feedback survey

Newsletter Signup Form
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Submission: Holiday Season Critique Chat

Welcome to our Holiday Season Critique Chat

Would you like a crit from the entire chatroom? Then read and follow the guidelines exactlySubmissions that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected.
Email 200-300 words from your work. Paste your submission into the email, do not send an attachment. Do not hit reply!
 Figure reading a book of notes
Use the subject line “Submission: Holiday Season Critique”.
Copy this list and put it at the beginning of the email, with your answers:
Format: (short story, novel, etc): 
Section: (beginning, middle or end of piece)
Name you intend to publish under: 
Name you use in the chatroom: 

You can add one or two sentences to set the scene, if needed. But no more than two sentences.

Submissions must be received by 3 pm ET on Sunday, November 26, 2017 to be eligible for chat.

Submissions following the guidelines will be used in the order they are received. I don’t know how many we will get through, but the queue starts when the first correct submission is received.
I strongly suggest you submit polished work. Most of our chatters are aiming for publication. To get there, you have to be able to handle honest critiques. I will not allow personal attacks, but problems in the writing will be openly discussed.
If you are not in attendance, your submission will be skipped. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to critique something if the author isn’t there to hear it.
Fiction, nonfic, essay, query letter…it doesn’t matter. I recommend trying to get an entire scene into 300 words. Full scenes get better crits.
Why only 300 words? More than that will scroll off the screen too quickly. People need to be able to read it, to give a good crit.
Please be on time for this chat. Crosstalk, including greetings, will be kept to a bare minimum. Make sure you have floated and enlarged your screen in chat, so you can keep up. Here we go…let’s see how many of you have learned to write well and follow submission guidelines.
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Help Keep our Chatroom Free

banging head on yellow signDid you know the cost of keeping our chatroom going works out to $360 USD for the year? This doesn’t include website hosting.

This cost averages out to $30. each month. Our biggest costs are for our Newsletter and Chatroom Application Subscriptions.

Help Keep our Chatroom Free

Writing the content and keeping the framework of the chatroom is voluntary. We do not pay for coding and upkeep of the site.

Our guests are also voluntary. There are no exchanges of money going on between us and our guests.

I picked up the yearly Newsletter Fee in October and moved the website to my host and covered the cost of moving. The next bill coming in will be the Chatroom Software at Just under $180 and I absorb that cost using my savings account.

Help Keep our Chatroom Free

There is a donation button on our website and I want you to know your support is very much appreciated.

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Recap of Sunday’s Topic & Introducing Loren Rhoads

On Sunday we looked head on into the eyes of horror and survived.

tell tale heartSome things to keep in mind if we are going to write horror include what makes a good horror story and things a writer can learn by observing someone else’s horror story.

  • Good Horror means a Good Setting
  • Don’t go overboard on Scares
  • Use Source Material to Find True Horror (Sometimes the scariest things in life are real)
  • Know the Strengths of your Character
  • Create Underlying Themes in your Horror Story
  • Remember to Sustain your Tension

There are Five Elements of a Good Horror Story.

  1. Fear
  2. Surprise
  3. Suspense
  4. Mystery
  5. Spoilers

Note – You can download my notes from tonight by logging into the Forum at Once logged in – look for tonight’s horror topic, open the post and click on the file attachment at the end of the post.

Coming to Celebrity Sunday on 8 October

cover art 199 cemeteriesLoren Rhoads is the author of 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die and Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel.  She blogs at and writes about cemeteries for the Horror Writers Association.  In her secret life, she writes fiction about space ships, succubi, and witches.  This year her short stories have appeared in Best New Horror #27 and the Strange California anthology.

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New Forum with Chatroom

Diverse MeetingThe Writer’s Chatroom has a Forum Plus

It is fairly sketchy at the moment. I have included a Chat Tab. When you click on the Chat tab you will see the login for the chatroom. (This is the Same Chatroom seen on our home site.)

To become a Forum Member go to and follow the prompts on the screen, Register or Login.

During Sunday’s Chat I will open the Forum to Guests without the Login. A Forum Open House. After chat I will lock it up and you’ll be able to access it by logging in.

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