Submission: Holiday Season Critique Chat

Welcome to our Holiday Season Critique Chat Would you like a crit from the entire chatroom? Then read and follow the guidelines exactly. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Email 200-300 words from your work. Paste your submission into the email, do not send an attachment. Do not hit reply!   Use the subject line […]

Help Keep our Chatroom Free

Did you know the cost of keeping our chatroom going works out to $360 USD for the year? This doesn’t include website hosting. This cost averages out to $30. each month. Our biggest costs are for our Newsletter and Chatroom Application Subscriptions. Help Keep our Chatroom Free Writing the content and keeping the framework of […]

Recap of Sunday’s Topic & Introducing Loren Rhoads

On Sunday we looked head on into the eyes of horror and survived. Some things to keep in mind if we are going to write horror include what makes a good horror story and things a writer can learn by observing someone else’s horror story. Good Horror means a Good Setting Don’t go overboard on […]

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