Writer’s Reference Books

There are countless writing reference books, updated yearly, at your local library. You can build your own reference library, stack or e-files in your own time, according to your needs and income. A Reference Library for every writer is going to be as unique as the writer’s style. Go through your books once or twice a year. Add to it. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Submission Tracking

After market research I would take out another photocopied sheet and I’d note the who, what, when and where to send it. I’d put together a query letter with a paragraph to clearly show I had looked through past issues of their magazine. Sometimes I would mention an article well done. I’d put a note on the sheet of paper as the submission and SASE dropped into the mailbox. This is how I tracked my submissions. I’d make a note to myself when time ran out and I assumed I ended up in slush and went to the next publication on my list.

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