Sell More Books with Guest Blogging

We are going to continue our topic of Guest Blogging. Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Blog Sandra Beckwith – June 6, 2020 –  Why you want to be a guest blogger You will reach more readers than you could on your own.It will help you develop relationships with your host’s readers.It helps build credibility.You can add the right…… Continue reading Sell More Books with Guest Blogging

Writing Rituals

Do the household animals have to be outside? On your lap? Phone turned off? Headphones and mic to dictate? Favorite browser for research? Favorite word processor? A “wrist snappin red rubber band.”

Book Cover Wrap Up

Photo by César Viteri on Unsplash

Wrapping Up Book Cover Month   Book Cover Maker: Which DIY App Is Best for You?This is default placeholder text. Edit and replace with whatever you want.   If you’re on the hunt for book cover makers, you’re probably looking to DIY the cover for your book. But before we get into our recommendations, we’ll…… Continue reading Book Cover Wrap Up