Chat Room

Welcome to The Writer’s Chat Room

banging head on yellow sign

You should see a pop-up.  It is hanging out in the lower right and it says “The Writers Chat Room.”

  • Use the up arrow to enlarge the contents.
  • Then click on #Public Chatroom.
  • Enlarge the room by dragging the corners or hitting the float icon.

The application will name you randomly.  Click the tiny gear or settings icon beside your name in the top chat bar and a drop-down menu will open. Use the tiny pencil to change your name if you wish.

You may Private Message in chat by clicking on the person’s name in the room list to the right. A new chat window will appear. Some kind of blinking or notification will alert you to any messages being sent to you. Just arrow up the window to participate in a private conversation.

The room will send a pinging noise each time someone posts. You may mute the sound on your computer or head up to the settings box at the top of the #Public Chatroom Bar. 

There is a Help Desk with a PDF you may download if you are terribly lost in the new chat room application.