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BYOP – Bring Your Own Poetry

Thirteen’s anomalous – not that, not this:
Not folded bud, or wave that laps a shore,
Or moth proverbial from the chrysalis.
Is the one age defeats the metaphor.

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Idea Mining

Where do writers find them? Is there a secret place?

The truths as writers know can be pretty darned messed up. We don’t have to like our truth but we shouldn’t look away from their value. Your reader will appreciate your honesty.

Mini-Topic Chats Sunday Chats

The Poetic Process

Nothing in my life right now is like it was before. I know this moment is a defining one for many of us. We can use the feelings, visions, fear, happiness, the raw emotion of this time and place for writing novels, memoirs, short stories and poems.

Mini-Topic Chats

Poetry and Lock Down

This might be a perfect time to become involved in some online writing related courses. And some of them are offering their courses at a lower price than usual.