We are all know if a movie shows a rifle over a fireplace in the opening scene – the item has to be used in the cathartic scene. 

I use a writing application called yWriter. A part of the file keeping is a tab to store items. A writer can track when this item shows up or is mentioned in a scene.  

Early in the week, I was very curious about Stun Guns. I am thinking of giving one to a character during NaNoWriMo prep. Because I can’t go up to a random person and ask to hold her personal stunning weapon, I opened my Amazon page.. for less than $20 and two days I had an actual stun gun to have and to hold.   The whole idea of empowerment by such an accessible and nonlethal self defense weapon feeds right into the thought of a fictional prop as a talisman. So, this will be our Sunday Topic.   

Here is an article about Props as Talismans .. Props can be nifty objects which provide a nice visual kick. They can ALSO have emotional and psychological meaning to characters.  

A second article.. How Writing Props Can Help Add Layers to Your Story and Characters By definition, a prop is an object used by an actor in a film (for films) and that can be held. (Understand, a swimming pool is not a prop). They are the seemingly ‘little’ details that will enhance the world your character lives in, making it believable or not and giving layers to your story, or not. and

because I like doing things in Threes.. 

 Props in Writing: How do you use yours?

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