7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Editing Your Own Book

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Editing Your Own Book

Reference booksOur Sunday Topic will look at and discuss the various reasons, 7, that you shouldn’t be editing your own book.

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First I want to Slip in a little information outlining the difference between Revision and Editing.

The Difference Between Editing and Revising (and how you can accomplish both)

Technically speaking, revising is the act of altering the content of your novel rather than the words themselves. This includes:

  • Plot Holes
  • Your Hook
  • Purpose
  • Character Arcs
  • Exposition and Backstory
  • Pacing
  • and a few other things.

Technically speaking, editing consists of the changes you make to the actual wording of your novel. There are two main types of editing: line edits and copy edits. Line edits consist of changing the wording of your novel as to make it better understood and enjoyed by readers.

When making line edits, you’ll literally go through your novel, line by line, and look for the following things:

  • Flow
  • Redundancy
  • Filler
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Formatting
  • Clarity

You Can’t Edit Your Own Book and Here are 7 Reasons Why

Some Outtakes from the Article 

When you love what you see, you don’t see what you don’t want to see. Your brain loves you too much to inflict that kind of damage upon you.

Love leads to believing your book is flawless.

Familiarity leads to believing your book is you.

If you’ve ever found yourself skipping over parts during self-editing because you just want to get through that phase faster, you’re making a critical mistake.

Tiredness leads to mistakes.


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