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We should talk about Marketing. It starts with an M and we are in the Month of May.

The first mini-topic will be Blog Tours.  It is not a New Topic. But a timely topic.

How do you put a blog tour together? Should you pay a third party to set up a Tour on your behalf?

The Skinny on Virtual Book Tours

Purpose of a virtual book tour

The purpose of a blog tour is to generate interest in your book. (This is called buzz.) That interest should pay off in sales, but it won’t if you don’t capitalize on it with other promotional tools such as giveaways, well-placed author interviews, and, of course, promotion of your blog tour on Twitter, Facebook, and on your own blog and website. Building an audience takes time, energy and planning. A blog tour is just a part of your promotional plan.

These Links Should get the Topic Started..

50+ Book Blog Tour Sites with Comparisons

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