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Categories and Genres – A Sunday Topic Chat

Image of a bookstore with a red roofThe example below may seem a little harsh. Join us in the chat room Sunday 28 January and we’ll explore the topic.




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What’s the Difference Between Genre and Category?

Some people have genre identity crises that create confusion, just like in the real world. A writer might call their book a “fictionalized memoir,” for instance, because they’re riding between memoir and fiction. Another writer may have written women’s fiction, but the book is also a thriller and has hints of romance. These writers, and I’ve met them, are tempted to explain the ways their books defy or cross genres, but they shouldn’t. Publishing, after all, is not particularly progressive when it comes to futzing with their classification systems, and you’re not a rebel because you’re trying to be clever, or straddle three genres; you’re just an amateur.

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