Characters & Scenes

Characters and Scenes

The Blank Story Board Worksheet and Character Worksheets should work if you have Word installed on your computer. Always run your files through a virus scan. 

The Character Worksheets are lists of character attributes the Character I have provided them as Word Document Downloads.

I took a lot of information from The Weekend Novelist for this post.

The Weekend Novelist by Robert J Ray 

You may want to take some of the characters we have encountered in our Parking Lot exercises and refine the characters. Then when you are ready, go ahead and plop them into a scene.

What is in a Scene?

A scene is a container. Your container needs boundaries, a place in time and space. It also needs some kind of action or re-action. Your scenes hold your chapters together and your chapters hold your novel together. 

I like to keep scene sketches. Just basic things, like who the scene belongs to, who else is there, what is happening in the setting and how am I going to end it.

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