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What do you do when the idea puddle has dried up to a geometric webbing of cracks hard baked in the summer sun?

What happens when you sit down at your word processor and find yourself deleting whole paragraphs nursing frustration because not a single idea is arriving fully formed, today?

What happens when you simply aren’t motivated to start something new and your WIP feels like you have written yourself into a corner and can’t even fake a way out?

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I’ve known more than one writer who denies the whole idea of Writer’s Block. They will advise you to push right past it. You can do it.

Then there are others who are glad to point out that maybe you just aren’t cut out to be a writer after all. If you can’t hear characters shouting into your ear or running away with the scene treating you as their own personal secretary.

What do you do?

I am not a person who multi-tasks so any project I am into generally takes all of my attention for as long as it takes.

I will close the computer and begin a crochet project and I usually go big when I do that. I will also set up a canvas and begin a painting project that usually takes weeks.

My third option involves finding writing prompts. I keep The Pocket Muse within arm’s reach of my keyboard.

So, what do you do when nothing is working?

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