This Sunday’s topic came from a suggestion in the chat room on Wednesday. We are going to talk about email lists. Should we start one? What goes into getting people to sign up? How can you increase your open rate?

Sent Mail

These three sources will be used to guide our discussion.

Why build an email list?

If you’re on your first book, you may see building an email list as an insurmountable challenge. But if you start a list with book one, then you will have at least a handful of people to tell about book two. We all start with zero, and your list will grow over time as readers find you or if you actively promote it. The best time to start building an email list is right now, wherever you are on the author journey.

Email Marketing for Authors: How to Create an Effective Newsletter

Email is very personal compared to other social media, and can be a great way to get to know your readers personally, as many may email you back after you’ve sent a newsletter out. People will feel like they know you well.

and finally

Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Work for Authors

First, we need to identify the problem, and the problem is (mostly) that no one is opening your emails. If no one opens, no one clicks. If no one clicks, then no one buys. Getting the subscriber to open the email absolutely has to happen before you can deem your email campaign a success or a failure.

So, how do you get the subscriber to open your email?

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