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Finding your ideal reader can and probably is as difficult as pinning down your genre. And once we define her we have to find her, court her and convince her to click on the ‘buy link.’

Angela Ackerman discussed some techniques at Janet Friedman’s website about identifying and connecting with your target reading audience. The following list is detailed in How Authors Can Find their Ideal Reading Audience.

  • The Benefits of Fishing with a Smaller Net
  • To Answer the Who, We Need the What
  • The Next Question Is Where
  • Now Comes the Hard Part: Connection

The whole reason we write is to connect with people in a meaningful way, right? So, be yourself, enjoy the people you get to know, and trust the rest will follow.

Angela Ackerman

I plan to carry this topic into at least two chats and to honor February Romance Month we will use romance genres as examples.

Two additional websites to explore are Yasiv and
Soovle.  You may want to explore your current genre on these sites before or after chat in your spare time. I think you will enjoy the results.

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