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Welcome to the last Open Chat of 2018.

I am glad you spent so much time here in 2018 and I hope to see you all back again on January 2nd in 2019.

The Website has undergone an Up-date with a big “U” and now I am putting the code and images through some Re-hab, with a big “R.”

If I have broken something or I need to improve something, go ahead and shoot me an email.

You will notice, the doors on the chat room are open and who knows, someone else may be sitting over by the candy machine, say hello. Chat. I may be there, wearing a guy’s name or whatever the room assigns me as I check code. Give me shout.

But, Please Don’t Use the Chat Room for anything Criminal or Ridiculous because I have access to the Cookies and Transcripts and may slap an IP Ban on you for being on the Naughty List.

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  1. Hi everyone @ TWC, just a quick pre-Christmas “Brag”!
    Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve) @ 18:00 GMT = 19:00 ECT
    Repeat Wed 26 December (Boxing Day) as the same time
    My short story “The Blessing” will be read on a radio programme called Winters Tales. Radio Merseyside broadcasts worldwide on the Internet:
    There is also a “Listen again” facility, available for 30 days.
    “See” you all again in 2019!
    Paul McD

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