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Part 1

Contracts are as big a mystery as Marketing. So, let’s talk about it.

Part One

Congratulations on Your First Contract. You are probably so excited over the offer you are willing to sign just about anything.

Contracts are as big a mystery as Marketing. So, let’s talk about it.

Some of the things we will touch on are –


Part Two of this Chat will happen on Sunday February 9th and will include –

  • Ten Book Contract Traps We Can Help You Avoid
  • Trap 1. Giving up total control of your work.
  • Trap 2. Putting your book in limbo forever.
  • Trap 3. Giving up the benefits of your copyright.
  • Trap 4. Restricting your ability to write what you want.
  • Trap 5. Letting your publisher change your words without your approval.
  • Trap 6. Getting cheated on payments.
  • Trap 7. Accepting unlimited liability for libel and other lawsuits.
  • Trap 8. Having to pay back your advance if the publisher rejects your manuscript.
  • Trap 9. Letting your publisher do important things without even telling you.
  • Trap 10. Allowing your publisher to maintain control of your book forever.

On Wednesday, February 12th We will talk about What to Expect after You Sign the Contract.

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