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A Little Snip Here

When I wrote articles and submitted them and the stars aligned, a magazine editor would accept on the condition that I cut it back by 200 words or 35 or some percentage. I understood that they built a magazine on paper, an unyielding rectangle of writerly real estate. It think being asked to cut words […]

Just Because

Editing and the Creative Process

The primary focus will be how we edit.
• Do you like to edit as you go or just try to get the first draft out there before going back?
• Do you use an outline?
• Does your editing get in the way of words magically flowing onto the page?
Let’s talk about things that slow a writer down.

Topic Chats

What Kind of Editor Do You Need?

When looking to hire an editor, you next have to ask yourself where you are in the writing process.

Sunday Chats

TheTwo Headed Shoulder Vulture

I believe you cannot do a revision without doing some editing. I think the two actions are symbiotic.

Mini-Topic Chats Sunday Chats

Editing Project Prep Work

Our running topic for March will be Revision & Editing. We will sort out the difference between Revision and Editing and address techniques and forms of editing.