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Understanding Different Types of Editing: What Kind of Freelance Editor Do I Need?


When looking to hire an editor, you next have to ask yourself where you are in the writing process.

  • Do you have a completed manuscript, or just an idea that you’d like to flesh out?
  • Is this your first time writing this kind of project?
  • Is your project a rough draft?
  • Will you need ongoing editorial support, or is this a project with a finite timeline?

Think about the status of your project as you review these different types of editorial services. Of course, whether you need someone with online experience also needs to be considered.

We are going to look at the six types of editing given in the article. 

Bonus Content..

Do you know how to use the Editing/Collaboration tools in your Word program?

What are the most common Proofreading Symbols and what do they Mean?

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