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The Many Parts of an Ebook

A book is more than a cover and main contents.    There are a lot of things to consider.    Front Matter, Back Matter, Table of Contents, Copyright and Title Page…   Join us on Sunday    Formatting the parts of an ebook   There are a few components that you’ll need to assemble in […]

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Formatting a Dreadful Thing

If you self publish the formatting falls on you. Guidelines are available but you have to change your manuscript. Strip out headers and footers and page numbers. You have to reset line spacing, Chapter Headings and indentation. You have to make certain of your page breaks. And still, your finished project may end up in the readers’ hands with totally distracting artifacts.

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Formatting a Manuscript and Creating a Marketing Plan

This Topic appeared in Wednesday’s Newsletter If you use Word and need to know how to correctly format your Manuscript, this is a great place to visit. How to Format a Manuscript Using Microsoft Word Knowing how to format your manuscript is an important issue. Your editor needs to be able to get in there […]