I hope every one had a nice Sunday. 

We are back Wednesday for a mini-topic chat about formatting.  As writers and bloggers we can’t escape formatting. 

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Publishers mostly agree on formats for manuscript submissions. For editing you may be asked to reformat to make your work with the editor easier for both of you. Then, your publisher re-formats your work for print and again for uploading to various e-sellers.

If you self publish the formatting falls on you. Guidelines are available but you have to change your manuscript. Strip out headers and footers and page numbers. You have to reset line spacing, Chapter Headings and indentation. You have to make certain of your page breaks. And still, your finished project may end up in the readers’ hands with totally distracting artifacts.

Let’s talk about formatting. Wednesday at 8PM at the Writers Chat Room. 

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  1. Came to Wednesday night chat since I received an email about a topic of Formatting. No one in the chat room though. Did I go to the wrong chatroom?

    1. It is Tuesday. I was alarmed enough to ask my phone. Drop in tomorrow, please. I thought I had missed chat.


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