Virtual Book Tours

What is a Virtual Blog (Book) Tour?

On Sunday we talked about Email Marketing. Thank you all for making it a successful Chat. Our Mid-week topic chat will be about blog tours.

Yellow Caution Sign with the word Blog

Most of the websites I visited for this topic agreed that a blog tour takes place in a limited amount of time and should be orchestrated around your release date. There are some very good reasons behind the time limit. If you tour too soon, people are not going to impulsively buy your book after reading your blurb, excerpt and review.

I have some experience participating in blog tours but I relied on a second party to set up the tours. There was a fee involved and I think it was worth the money I put in because many of the blog sites I appeared on reviewed my books.

Visit with us on Wednesday and we will explore the hows and whys of Virtual Book Tours.

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