We spend a lot of time here in the chat room talking about the art and craft of writing Novels and Short Stories and we spend very little time about crafting nonfiction.

clipart of a magazine with open pages

Writing and selling an article to a magazine is a great place for writers to get a toe into the publishing world or earn some street creds. Articles generally pay once and then the rights return to the author. The slant or application or theme of the article can be turned and tuned and re-focused and many times live a second or third life in other magazines or newsletters.

My awesome article addressing the ongoing needs of a closed land-fill may be revived and edited to fit well into a home-school unit study. Hopefully, I would be paid for each appearance.

Join us for a chat about 6 Tips for Magazine Article Writing. Let’s see where it takes us.

Thank you Noiz for taking over Sunday’s chat.

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