Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy

Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy   So you’ve written your book, you’ve chosen your title and cover design, and you’re breathing a sigh of relief. Now you have to decide what goes on the back cover. New authors sometimes rush this decision, writing the first thing that comes to mind. After all, it’s the back […]

Quarterly Critique Chat Guidelines

If you are interested in an on the fly critique from the entire Writers Chat Room this is your Quarterly Opportunity. Follow the guidelines exactly. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Email sally@writerschatroom.com 150 – 300 words from your work. Paste your submission into the email, do not send […]

Formatting a Manuscript and Creating a Marketing Plan

This Topic appeared in Wednesday’s Newsletter If you use Word and need to know how to correctly format your Manuscript, this is a great place to visit. How to Format a Manuscript Using Microsoft Word Knowing how to format your manuscript is an important issue. Your editor needs to be able to get in there […]

Categories and Genres – A Sunday Topic Chat

The example below may seem a little harsh. Join us in the chat room Sunday 28 January and we’ll explore the topic.       If you sign up for our Newsletter you will begin receiving an email with bonus content you won’t find here on the site.   What’s the Difference Between Genre and Category? […]

Submitting Your Novel to Agents – A Topic Chat

When submitting to an agent or a publisher, there are several important items you must keep in mind—follow the agent’s submission guidelines, spell his or her name correctly, etc. But there are six basic elements you really need to focus on when crafting and submitting your query letter. Thankfully, we’ve gathered them here in one […]

What Is Literary Fiction (and What Sets It Apart)?

Join us on January 3rd for a Mini Topic What Is Literary Fiction (and What Sets It Apart)? We have talked about Short Story Writing and Creative Non-Fiction and now, to start off the New Year let’s talk about Literary Fiction.  I have pulled some things out of a rather long article and hope to […]

What is in a Plotline?

This is a Generated Plotline It contains a Main Character, 2nd Character, Setting, Situation, Theme and Character Action. MC = A woman in her early thirties, who is very foolish. 2nd C = A woman in her sixties, who can be quite manipulative. Setting = The story begins in a restaurant. Situation = Someone is […]

5 Tips for #NaNoWriMo I’ve Learned from My 464-Day Writing Streak – Sunday’s Topic Chat

5 Tips for #NaNoWriMo I’ve Learned from My 464-Day Writing Streak National Novel Writing Month is like a marathon for writers. It’s designed to be hard, and designed to push you to write every day. That isn’t an easy thing. Like anyone training for a marathon, it helps to know how fast you can run […]

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