November Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) at The Writer’s Chatroom.

Are you planning to #NaNo?

person writing

Sunday marks the first day of NaNo. Where do you begin your writing project? Do you start in the middle? Do you need to know your ending so you can plan your goal to write toward that ending? Do you start with characters and toss them together to see what happens? Who outlines? Do you have wordcount goals?

If you are not participating in the event, the topics we cover apply to all kinds of Writing in all genres, stages and experience levels. If you are writing a How-To, an Epic Doorstopper Novel, a handbook on where to place your dinnerware, a poem, well, you get it. If you Write, November in the Chatroom is where you want to be.

Visit with us on Sunday, November 1st at 7PM EST

(Consider the Time Change from Daylight to Standard in some parts of the world.)


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