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Our Wednesday Mini Topic – 6 Keys to Write a YA Novel

6 Keys to Write a YA Novel That Connects With Teen Readers

Writing a novel that appeals to a younger audience takes a certain amount of finesse—especially if you are no longer in that age bracket! It is not easy to venture into the minds of young adults and, essentially, “relive” your own past.

At Inkitt, I am regularly in touch with published authors who are eager to share their experience and provide support to emerging writers. Let’s have a look at six essential tips they have shared with us when it comes to writing YA novels.

The emotional drive of YA fiction is what truly separates it from other stories, and it is clear why so many people identify with it. It’s the ability of these texts to inherently understand and explore the emotions of humans that makes them such an enjoyable journey.

Keep your characters complex, your emotions high and your conflict enticing, and you’ll be well on your way to a great piece of YA fiction.

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