Recipe for Planning

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Contents of a Writing Goal

There is more to writing than opening a word processor. Much of the activity in meeting a writing goal goes on backstage.

When you are drafting your 2021 Writing Goals you should include some very important background tasks and remember to give them the time they deserve to make your goal succeed.

You may not do all of the things found on the Things to Consider List and you may have your own suggestions of inclusion.

You don’t have to spend mass quantities of time on each, some of them have the potential to become a writer’s biggest Time Sucks.

Recipe for Planning

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Among the things you may want to consider as you work toward your goals include:
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Maintaining a Website
  • a Submission Plan
  • Future Blog and Book Signing Appearances
  • Query Letters
  • Agent Searches
  • Scouting your Potential Audience
  • Developing Contacts for things like Formatting, Cover Art and Editing
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