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Beginning and Master Writers all need to indulge in a little self-editing, now and again. 
It is a skill best learned early because no matter how good we are we still need this particular set of tools. 
I believe in a smidgen of self-restraint and don’t like to let my hardcore editor out of her kennel until I have done some revisions. 

Revision and Editing Month

The great thing about the time we live in is the availability of not just books on editing but word processing applications with multiple levels of edit-checks built right in. 
Being skilled at self-editing will be much appreciated by the Editor your Publisher is about to assign. 
Did I mention you never outgrow the need to edit your own work?
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  1. Self editing is based on you yourself. What you find perfect is totally perfect don’t think what others think about it, if it’s something you love stick to it until others approve you.

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