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Sub-genres of Horror

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In literature, horror (pronounced hawr-er) is a genre of fiction whose purpose is to create feelings of fear, dread, repulsion, and terror in the audience—in other words, it develops an atmosphere of horror.

We have spent the Month of October talking about Horror and I think we have had some interesting conversations. On Sunday October 25th we will talk about sub-genres of horror. It will be a relaxed topic chat. 7PM EDT

6 Sub-Genres of Horror Novels

We have already discussed a few of these Sub-genres, last Sunday we chatted about Gothic Horror. The list below is given in depth at the website attached to the link. Have a look if you have some time. Help us wrap up Horror Month.

  • Gothic
  • Paranormal
  • Occult
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Survival
  • Science Fiction Horror

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