What Makes a Good Book Cover

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June is Book Cover Month at The Writer’s Chatroom.  On Wednesday we talked about A Clockwork Orange. The conversation centered around a post entitled The best book covers of all time: 50 coolest book covers on a Website called ShortList. Sunday we are having a look at What Makes a Good Book Cover.

Sunday’s Topic is from Business of Illustration an article called What Makes a Good Book Cover.

There are a million book covers out there—some amazing, some not so much. What separates the heroes from the zeroes and how can you create a book cover that achieves its goals and gets people talking? In this post, I’ll explain what makes a compelling book cover and how you can improve your cover illustration game.

Business of Illustration
  • A good book cover generates sales
  • It communicates a variety of things
    • The genre
    • The audience
    • The tone
    • What the book is about
  • Immediacy
  • Uniqueness
  • Integration of type and art
  • Would you pick this up?

Final Words

Creating a successful book cover takes a lot of work. But if you can approach it from a buyer’s perspective that will help immensely. After all, the cover is ultimately a sales tool. By remembering it’s goal, addressing the audience, and crafting something unique and immediate that stands apart in the marketplace, you can greatly improve your covers.

Business of Illustration
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