Terry’s hand trembled. One final keystroke and there would be no taking it back. No alt z. No backspace. No delete.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover played over her phone. Terry hated that ringtone.  

A subtle clunk from the keyboard marked the beginning of the end. The start of a new world order. Terry waited.

Everything felt the same. 

“51 ways.”

On the Fly


Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Sunday’s topic is Action. We’ve talked about scene set ups and dialogue. Action can be huge or it could be one more pebble in the hiker’s shoe. For every action there is a reaction, even if the reader doesn’t see it. Reaction may pile up. 

Action in your novel is what characters do. What they do to each other, to objects, to the landscape, to animals, and to themselves.

When you write action, you are not only moving the plot along, you are also providing clues to character motivation.

You use action to reveal character.

Robert J Ray

Join us on Sunday to talk about action.


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