March is National Novel Editing Month.

Next Sunday marks the beginning of our editing/revision month.

If you like a group experience I recommend becoming a participant in NaNoEdMo. (EdMo)

The site has pre-EdMo checklists. In March it allows you to upload the number of hours you have spent with your chosen Editing Project. The goal of EdMo is to log 50 hours by the end of the month and they have articles, boards and even a chat room to keep you motivated.

Our running topic for March will be Revision & Editing. We will sort out the difference between Revision and Editing and address techniques and forms of editing.

If you haven’t looked at your NaNoWriMo project March is a great time to drag it out of your document files and blow the electrons off.

Here is an except from the EdMo Site.

Basic Get Ready CHECKLIST

• DECIDE what project to work on in March
• REREAD your novel or other large writing project
• NOTE big-picture and other changes (but not line edits)
• READ an article on editing (or two or three) from our archives
• STRATEGIZE your rewrites on the manuscript
• GET READY to start self-editing as of midnight March 1st!

Amber Michelle Cook

Drop by on Sunday February 24th and we can chat about choosing a project to edit. 7PM ET at The Writers Chat Room.

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