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2019 is almost here. Many of us wrap up the year by taking a sort of inventory of progress we made during the year and making promises to do it better in the future. As a writer, writing and sending submissions out into the world creates the task of managing them.

Some of the most brilliant writers fail to get published, and not because their work isn’t ready for publication, but because they fail to submit their work.


10 Writing Submission Strategies Include the Following

  •  Double Up
  • Follow Up
  • Revise 
  • Send Your Best Work
  • Keep Your Work Out There
  • Do Market Research
  • Look for Limits
  • Keep Track of Where Things Are
  • Submit Early
  • Submit Often

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  1. I had a great 2018. My publisher and I worked together to put out a new book about writing for young adults called The Young Adult Writer’s Journey. It’s in hardback and an ebook availailable on amazon and at I also had the sequel to my award-winning series Vagrant, The Vagrant Chronicles come out. In 2018 Vagrant won an International Best Book award, 2 Best Book awards, one for best Scifi and one for best New Adult, and an Apple. Mutant came out in November. It’s the second book in the series. Along with Mutant a new adult Archaeology-based adventure novel called Valley of the Golden Mummies just debuted. Then my publisher and I teamed up again to write the first book in the BEauty and the Beasties series, Annabelle and the Jackal which has no release date as of yet. Book is written. So, great year for my publishing, but goal for next year is to get an agent for a new Middle Grade book I’m writing with my co-author Gabe Thompson. I’m hoping I have enough street cred, finally, to interest one. That’s been the hardest thing for me to do. Get an agent. Apparently, having over 30 published work wasn’t enough. The Young Adult Writer’s Journey has received good and great reviews and I’m hoping it finally gets me some notice. Keep plugging. I have a life goal and I will make it. But if I quit, I’m guaranteed not to make it.

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