Telling Lies

Snow Monkey

Much of the information we will cover is coming from one of my favorite reference books.

The Art & Craft of Novel Writing by Oakley Hall

We are going to take a deep look at the Art & Craft of Novel Writing, this month.

From my notes –

“Storytelling is an elaborate form of lying. Both “fiction” and “story” are euphemisms for lies.”

“A storyteller uses every device at his command to instill in his fiction the verisimilitude that convinces the reader.”

Snow Monkey


The art of fiction does not begin until the novelist thinks of his story as a matter to be shown, to be so exhibited that it will tell itself.”

The Art of Fiction – Percy Lubbock

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In fiction what is not rendered, dramatized, is merely reported.

What is rendered will spring to life off the page and capture the reader’s emotions. What is merely stated, reported, told, is inert, dead matter.

In other words, if you aren’t bringing the ‘art’ to your reader, making your reader, feel, believe in and be moved by your story, you are simply reporting secondhand news.

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  1. … Hummm. There’s palm trees growing wild along the banks of the Missouri? Global warming finally hit home.

  2. “Let meeeeeeeeee Enter tain yoo-ouu!”
    Like the song says, I’m trying to WRITE what I would LIKE to Read. If it doesn’t grab ME it’s not going to entertain anyone else, is it?

  3. Not quite, James!😁 jBut in my forthcoming novel “Taking the Heat” Blackpool (NW England) is the ‘new’ Surfers’ Paradise🤣

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